IMMG SA has produced a multidisciplinary work in material development and multiaxial testing, within the framework of many international industrial projects and in more than 30 european, competitive, four year research projects of the EC, the last 25 years.

1. IMMG has reinforced with carbon nanotubes advanced thermoplastics and particularly PEEK. The outcome of PEEK/CNT reinforcement was a material with a unique thermo-mechanical performance. It is stronger than a steel but lightweight, ductile, durable and capable to absorb energy.

2. IMMG designed and constructed a pulsating micro-structured reactor, generating an extensional shear-spiralling flow, capable for complete disentanglement–dispersion of agglomerates and reactive mixing.

3. IMMG designed and manufactured the patented DIRIS architecture core and panel, a grid (honeycomb) structure characterized by a skeleton built with continuous fibres. The core or panel exhibits the highest in the market resistant to shearing forces, in-plane and out-of-plane.

4. IMMG designed and constructed a low cost unidirectional shaking table (4m x 3m), capable to accelerate up to 4g a payload of 10 Ton, within ± 120 mm displacement. The table is not metallic but its manufacturing follows the patented DIRIS architecture (only 210 Kg weight instead of 20 Ton). The actuation–control mechanism of the servovalve is piezoelectric.

5. IMMG designed, manufactured and tested large fibre reinforced thermoplastic structures for specific applications. An example is the dimensionally long term stable platforms (4 meters long each), manufactured for the CMS experiment at CERN and characterized by material procurement–machining perfection and exceptional assembly precision.

6. IMMG developed and validated a specimen geometry and a machine which can develop a uniform shear field in a sample. The shear stresses can be monotonous or cyclic and the experiment a long-term fatigue or creep one at low or high temperature.

7. IMMG developed and applied the concept of high temperature biaxial safe testing of tubes by the use of ceramic micro-spheres for internal pressurization.

8. IMMG designed and validated a special geometry piezo–electric actuator, capable to withstand large mechanical loading (50 KN) under long duration fatigue. It was exploited in five projects where the degradation was examined of mechanical–electrical parameters of thermoplastic and metallic materials over long time loading.

9. IMMG developed and exploited a piezo-electric actuation hydraulic servovalve, anabling the execution of high strain rate experiments on materials and components.

10. IMMG won many international competitions, including several at ESA and CERN for designing and manufacturing advanced components and testing machines. One such machine 36m long, 5 axis robotic, tested superconducting coils for the Large Hardon Collider at CERN.

* The innovations are presented in scientific journals, european patents and reports