Dr. Paul Michelis

Ph. D. 1979 ( Imperial College, London ), specialization in experimental mechanics, material testing and the last 15 years in thermoplastics reinforcement. Researcher and consultant, founder and director of the Institute. Coordinator of many multinational and national research projects. Internationally recognized for the development of prototype material testing machines. Author of more than 40 papers in scientific journals and more than 280 technical reports and proposals for multinational European projects.

Professor Yannis Dafalias

Ph. D. 1975 (Berkeley, Univ. of California ), professor of mechanics at the National Technical Univ. of Athens . Specialisation in engineering mechanics and particularly in constitutive modelling of materials. Author of more than 130 papers in scientific journal and recipient of many international distinctions and honors. Member of prestigious international advisory Boads.

Professor Dimitris Karabalis

Ph. D. 1984 ( Univ. of Minnesota ), professor at the Univ. of Patras , specialisation in structural analysis, design and solid modeling by finite elements. Recipient of many distinctions and honors, author of more than 140 papers in scientific journal and coauthor of 8 books.

Professor Aristides Naoumidis

Ph. D. 1966 ( Univ. of Aachen ), specialisation in the development and testing of ceramics, alloys and solid oxide fuel cells. Consultant of material producers, author of more than 120 papers, 38 patents and advisor of more than 34 Ph. D. theses.

Professor Stavros Nychas

Ph. D. 1972 (Ohio State Univ.), professor at the Univ. of Thessaloniki. Specialised in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. Author of many publications in turbulent flow & energy transfer, Ph. D. theses advisor and coordinator of research projects.

Professor Manolis Papadrakakis

Ph. D. 1978 (City Univ. of London), professor of structural analysis at the Nat. Technical Univ. of Athens. Specialisation in computational mechanics. Active member of many multinational projects and research activities. Author of more than 210 papers in scientific journals and many more in conferences.

Professor Kostas Papantonopoulos

Ph. D. 1980 (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal), professor at the Univ. of Patras, Specialisation in rock mechanics and geotechnical engineering. Consultant in foundation problems on rock, soil and stability of slopes and tunnels.

Dr. Athanasios Stoubos

Ph. D. 1990 (Von Karman, Brussels), specialisation in experimental and computational applied fluid dynamics, and heat transfer. Author of many publications. Participation in several multinational collaborative R & D projects.

Professor Theodoros Triantafyllidis

Ph. D. 1984 (Univ. of Karlsruhe. Inst Of Soil and Rock Mechanics), specialised in the dynamic behavior of structures. Consultant and researcher in German technical firms. Manager of large construction projects related to underground structures, high way roads and bridges.

Professor Thomas Tsakalakos

Ph. D. 1977 (Northwestern Univ., Illinois) specialisation in materials science and development. Intern. recognition in the field of nanostructured materials. Author of more than 250 papers. Editor of journals and proceedings of int. conferences, member of the Advisory Board of prestigious Establishments and recipient of autstanding awards.

Board of Directors

Name Member status
Dr. Paul Michelis President, Member
Professor Aristides Naoumidis Member
Professor Manolis Papadrakakis Member