IMMG can design and manufacture a wide range of one, two or multi-axis testing machines for tensile, compressive, shear, torsion, bending and high pressure testing. These machines can follow the customer's demands and specifications for a wide range of dimensions, weights, strokes and loading capacities. In particular, strokes from a few microns to 1m or more and forces from a few Newtons to 10MN can be achieved.

The products range includes :

  • CTIP (Tension Compression Internal Pressurization) machines for uniaxial or biaxial testing of tubular specimens in room or high temperatures.
  • SHEAR machines for shear testing of bulk or sheet and laminated materials at room or high temperatures.
  • LOAD CELLS that range from a few N to 1 MN in tension-compression or up to 1 MNm in torsion, with an accuracy up to 0.2%.
  • Special Multiple Extensometers that are able to measure bending strain around the specimen during testing.