Atomic Force Microscope
  • for imaging
  • for testing (force application and deformation measurement)
Measuring modes:
  • Contact
  • Lateral force
  • Resonant
  • Phase imaging
  • Force Modulation
  • Adhesion Force Imaging
  • Lithography
  • Scanning Capacitance imaging
  • Kelvin probe

Miniaturized thermo-mechanical compression or tension or shear monotonous and cyclic tests, suitable for investigating the effect of microstructural parameters and defining micromechanical properties.

Micro-torsional tests at room and high temperature for determining the shear moduli and strength parameters.

Push-out small scale test for evaluating the interfacial mechanical properties of interfaces.

Strip tensile friction simulator for investigating interfacial friction, particularly in metal forming process.

Smart, small piezo-actuators, sensors, 4-DOF platform and testing rigs, developing combined loading on components, simulating real load-deformation conditions and examining micromechanical integrity.

Nanoscale tests on CNT reinforced polymers under constant microscopic investigation. Tensile, compressive and creep testing under controlled load and displacement provided by miniature piezoelectric actuators from PI, which have the ability of controlling motions down to picometer scale (10-12 m). Ability to control the temperature within a range of -80°C to +400°C.