Measurement of adhesion strength at room and high temperature by :

  • scratch test
  • four point bending test
  • Rockwell test
  • photothermal techniques.

Measurement of wear resistance by using the ball - crater technique.

Evaluation of surface roughness by microscope and profilometer.

Evaluation of constitutive thermomechanical parameters during rolling and sliding by especially designed tests (for example strip tensile friction simulator).


IMMG has developed a new CNC testing array dedicated to scratch testing. The array consists of two individual servo-controlled axes, one for the vertical movement of the stylus and another for the longitudinal horizontal movement of the specimen, incorporated in a five-axis CNC machine (linear movement in X, Y, Z, plus swing, plus swivel). A unique software controls the movement of all 7 axis and a fast data acquisition system records the vertical force on the stylus and the horizontal reaction of the specimen. In this way the classic constant and progressive load scratch tests can be accomplished as well as true constant depth tests on any 3-D geometry of the specimen.